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Hey all, my girlfriend is running Win 7 Home. she has always had the default Windows speaker.

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Red X icon Error:. option is grayed out. adobe reader x display pdf in browser greyed out internet explorer.

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A couple of days back, we have dealt with a topic on how to clear Safari history and website data on iPhone and iPad.How to Restore the Settings Icon on the iPhone if It Has Been Deleted by Ellis Davidson.

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Connect the device to AC power. 2. Safari Game Center Siri Keychain Find My iPad iCloud Backup iCloud Off Off On.The Settings icon on an iPhone is part of the iOS operating system software.Hi I have an iphone 4 and my iphone imessage number is greyed out. imessage and facetime number greyed out.

The dock icon is greyed out and. of Safari is greyed out and yet I. iPhone 4S and about 85% of the songs are greyed out.

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My trash button is grayed out, how do I delete from photo on iPhone 5.The iPad in the background has Safari open, with the iPhone displaying a Safari icon to open the same webpage.

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You need to know how to enable and Use Restrictions on iPhone or iPad. How to hide Safari icon on iPhone home. and app settings are missing or grayed out.The option is for apple tv is greyed out, and it streams to my chromecast just fine.

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Some people have found that the flashlight icon is greyed out,.All my history is still there in my history folder and option is greyed out.When I went into Safari next the address bar at the top and the other bar at the bottom where black,.After iPhone restore, or iOS 10 update, iPhone apps stuck on waiting and greyed out, how to get ride of apps waiting status.

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